Asphalt pavements (Premix Roads)

The “road” to safe & enjoyable driving begins with a “clean” surface. If it’s “dirty”, even driving a good car on it would be a bad experience. Speed limits and traffic jams already spoil much of our motoring enjoyment, and it’ll be even worse if motorists also have to deal with potholes, cracks and uneven surfaces.

Singapore has over 3400 kilometres of paved roads and they’re generally among the world’s best in surface quality. The majority of Singapore’s roads are Asphalt Concrete, which are also known as asphalt roads, asphalt pavement, bituminous/asphalt wearing course, or more simply known as “premix”  Those rough and uneven sections around MRT tunneling works are only temporary – everywhere else, our roads are kept up to scratch by periodic maintenance.

Recognized Road Works Specialist

Contractors such as C.K. Toh Construction Pte Ltd, licensed by Building & Construction Authority (BCA), approved by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) play a prominent role in maintaining the drivability of Singapore’s roads.

Throughout C.K. Toh Construction Pte Ltd 15+ years of experience as a Road Specialist Contractor, we have repaired, resurfaced and provided road markings to more than 7,000km of Roads in Singapore. A large majority of these were public roads, under LTA, Public Utilities Board, Singapore Land Agency. We also provide asphalt works to residential driveways, commercial properties, parking lots, recreational parks and industrial work areas.

Our experience has allowed us to provide the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers, balancing their need for durable work, with their existing budgets.

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Differentiated Asphalt mixes (premix)

Road designs have to take into consideration the daily traffic load. In order to fulfill these different requirements, C.K. Toh Construction Pte Ltd provides many different mix types to suit road designs and traffic load. Some of these mixes are: W3/W3B Hot mix asphalt premix (HMA premix), Dense-Graded HMA premix , Stone Matrix Asphalt premix (SMA premix), Open-Graded Wearing Course Asphalt premix (OGW premix) & Semi-Rigid Pavement.

One Stop Road Works Solution

C.K. Toh Construction Pte Ltd is able to provide you a one stop road repair, resurfacing of premix/asphalt roads and painting of road markings solution.

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Road Resurfacing /Mill & Patch

(Asphalt Paving after Milling of surface layer)

Road Repairs

(Repair of Hazardous Potholes)

Water Stagnation

(Resolving Water Ponding via milling and patching)

Road Widening

( Implementation of New Traffic Scheme )

High strength coating

( Kent Ridge Road, Imprint & high strength coating )

Speed hump construction

( Construction of New Speed Hump and/or Raised Zebra crossing)

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