Preformed Thermoplastic road markings

is a decorative road marking system designed for high traffic applications. These daring, fully customizable designs are meant to enhance your unique architecture and image of your commercial development in a highly cost-efficient manner.

Inlaid preformed thermoplastic

are customized thermoplastic road marking designs that are to be inlaid into imprinted asphalt. The resulting thermoplastic will be flush with the asphalt level. This makes it extremely resistant to wear caused by traffic. This will further ensure that your projects will maintain their bold design for many years.

Recommended installation areas

Preformed thermoplastic road markings are fully compliant to ADA requirements – trip hazard free & wheelchair friendly. This makes preformed thermoplastic road markings ideal for streetscapes and sidewalks with reflective and slip free surfaces, allowing for creative and customized pedestrian crosswalks and intersections

Benefits of Preformed thermoplastic road marking

Fast installation – within hours.
Minimal disruption to traffic – equipment required is minimal, work area required is small.
Low Noise installation – No heavy machinery, no milling is required. Only heating is required during installation
Preformed thermoplastic is integrated with reflective and anti-skid elements, giving it high visibility and drivability.
Completely Safe – No VOCs or toxicity after installation

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Preformed Thermoplastic road markings- Customized Designs

Customized Inlaid Thermoplastic road markings

Brochure for more information regarding inlaid thermoplastic road marking

Commonly used design templates

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Recognized Road Works Specialist

Contractors such as C.K. Toh Construction Pte Ltd, licensed by Building & Construction Authority (BCA), approved by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) play a prominent role in maintaining the drivability of Singapore’s roads.

Throughout C.K. Toh Construction Pte Ltd 15+ years of experience as a Road Specialist Contractor, we have repaired, resurfaced and provided road markings to more than 7,000km of Roads in Singapore. A large majority of these were public roads, under LTA, Public Utilities Board, Singapore Land Agency. We also provide asphalt works to residential driveways, commercial properties, parking lots, recreational parks and industrial work areas.

Our experience has allowed us to provide the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers, balancing their need for durable work, with their existing budgets.

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