Road surface markings

are an integral feature of road safety

Road Markings are used on paved roadways to provide guidance and information to drivers and pedestrians. Standardization of road designs and markings minimize confusion and uncertainty for all road users.

Road markings such as guidelines act as visible guides to let drivers know that they are crossing lanes or veering off the road. This saves lives because it reduces the risk of accident significantly.

C.K. Toh Construction Pte ltd

is a Singapore Road Contractor with a track record of 15+ years in this industry and an approved contractor of the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, we are able to work together with your consultants to ensure maximum road safety.

With our expertise in the different road marking materials, we can advise you on the most suitable material for maximum cost efficiency (a.k.a. Cheap & Good) for your road marking needs. The most common Road marking material is thermoplastic road marking paint due its balance between cost and performance longevity.

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Thermoplastic Road Marking

adheres strongly to asphalt road surfaces, provide long term retroreflectivity. Thermoplastic road marking is also versatile, able to conform to any design you require, including customized colors.

All our thermoplastic road markings are compliant to Singapore Standard SS498 or SS589, depending on the client’s requirement.

The difference in SS589 and SS498 Thermoplastic Road Marking.
SS498 is an older Singapore standard for thermoplastic Road surface markings.
SS589 is a newer Singapore Standard for thermoplastic road Markings that supersedes the SS498 standard. Road Markings conforming to the SS598 Standard are more durable, have higher retroreflectivity. SS589 Thermoplastic road markings are therefore safer for all road users, including pedestrians.

C.K. Toh Construction Pte Ltd is also able to execute road markings in a variety of materials, including but not limited to epoxy road paints, rubberized road paints and cold plastic (MMA) road paints.

New fully customized thermoplastic road markings are also available

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Typical Singapore Road Markings:

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Other Road Marking Paints: Rubberized Road Paint

Pros: Quick and easy to apply, bonds well to concrete surfaces
Cons: Not as durable and cost efficient as other road paints
Suitable for temporary road markings and carparks

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Other Road Marking Paints: Epoxy paint markings

pros n cons

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Cold Plastics / MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) / Two component road markings

Specialized road marking products

In laid thermoplastic, Custom design thermo and streetprint