Example of street print in singapore - School zone

School zones – An example of street print usage in Singapore.

About Street Print & Pavement Texturing system

Street printing & pavement texturing is an economical and beautiful alternative to expensive stone, brick, stamped concrete or slate.

It is a decorative paving system that turns asphalt into beautiful designs to replicate the look of hand-laid brick or cobblestone and other designs directly onto asphalt base. It does so by imprinting “grid-style” or “free-style” depressions into the asphalt surface which after coloring produces realistic looking brick, slate or stone pavements.

The imprinted asphalt surface is coated using a revolutionary paint that combines the strength of cement with the flexibility of asphalt through state-of-the-art acrylic/epoxy polymer technology. This street print painting system is a combination of cement fortified acrylic resins, epoxy based polymers and a blend of aggregates, which have been specially for application on asphalt surfaces, to provide a durable, long-lasting color and texture to the asphalt surface. The coating system can be made to match virtually any color.

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Installation of Street Print & Pavement Texturing system

On new asphalt, the imprinting can proceed immediately after the asphalt has been placed and fully compacted, while the asphalt is still in a warm to hot pliable state.

The templates used for creating the imprinted designs in the asphalt are constructed of specially woven wire cable welded to the desired pattern. The templates are placed on the asphalt surface and pressed into the asphalt using standard compaction equipment.

After imprinting, our specialized street print Coating System is applied to create a beautiful decorative surface, suitable for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

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Benefits of Street print & pavement texturing

1. Cost Efficiency

Much cheaper to install compared to traditional brick and cobblestone pavers.
Requires little to no maintenance, no grass and weed growth.
Repairs and recolorations can be done within hours with minimal traffic disruptions.
Special formulation gives street print coating the same flexibility as asphalt pavement, prevent cracks and other superficial defects

2. Highly durable and wear resistant

Durable and resilient concrete finish gives protection to asphalt pavement from oil and chemicals that could corrode and damage the asphalt pavement, saving major repairs and resurfacing costs.
Coating can be applied to new/existing asphalt.
Strong bonding and adhesion with asphalt surface prevents peel off
Pigmentation highly stable under Ultra-Violet (from the sun) exposure, ensuring minimal color fade.

Beautiful and unique finish

High degree of design flexibility to enhance the unique architecture and image of your commercial development.

3. Safety for road users

Long lasting skid resistance, preventing skids and vehicular loss of control. As material wears, new anti-skid elements are expose.
Differentiation of color increases road awareness for all road users, allowing them to be more alert to other road users, avoiding potential traffic incidents.

4. Environmentally friendly

Water based formulation ensures no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and no chemical leeching into drainage or soil.

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