About Hydroblasting

Ultra High Pressure Waterblasting, also known as hydrojetting, or ultra high pressure cleaning, is the process of spraying highly pressurized water, up to 40,000psi (1200bars), onto a surface to remove surface material and contaminants.

Ultra High Pressure Hydroblasting can remove many different materials by the force that the water generates, without the use of any additional abrasives.  Some of usage of high pressure hybroblasting include removing paint from metal surfaces, walls and asphalt; rubber from airport runways, sealants and membrane from concrete, and even gum, graffiti and pollution from payments.

Aside from being a highly effective cleaning method, the use of high pressure hydroblasting equipment is also environmentally friendly and reduces carbon footprint.

Waste material is also removed by water flow through an enclosed vacuum system. The water also prevents dust & other dangerous contaminants from becoming airborne. This reduces impact on the environment due to the reduction of toxic substances or pollutants from being carried by the air. These pollutants would also put many people at the risk of allergens in danger.

Utilizing high pressure washing technology also allows construction work to be undertaken in areas where other conventional blasting methods would be impossible to use, e.g. terminals, refineries and urban areas, making the use of this cleaning method crucial in the construction industry due to its ability to adapt to the requirements of almost any space.

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Hydroblasting in action in Singapore

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Benefits of using Ultra High Pressure Hydroblasting

Environmentally friendly – Quieter, cleaner, no airborne pollutants, no left-over foreign object debris(FOD).

No damage to substrate or road surface or scarification as compared to cold grinding method of removal.

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Hydroblasting vs other methods

Versatility of Ultra High Pressure Hydroblasting

Can be used for:
Road marking removal
Runway Rubber Removal
Paint/oil spillage cleaning & removal
Road retexturing
Surface Preparation
Curing/compound removal

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Ultra-high pressure hydroblasting technical specs:

Operating Pressure: 25,000 to 30,000 PSI
Flowrate: 125~150g/s
Freshwater capacity: 3,000L
Debris Tank capacity: 4,000L
Cutting path: 250mm
Cleaning Capacity: 150m3-300m3

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